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Delipay, what for ?

Delipay is a solution to secure transactions and deliveries between individuals. Delipay is also fit for small businesses who want to secure their customer's payments, whilst keeping full flexibility and cost control.

Using Delipay allows you to buy, sell and have your packages delivered wherever you are and, above all, in a fully secured manner. Delipay verifies the identity of buyers and sellers to ensure a trusted environment to all parties.

Our solution is based on advanced technologies to secure your transactions and to guarantee the execution of the contract, a swift process and an end to end tracking.

Selling with Delipay :

  • Define your own deal
  • Sell full range of goods and services
  • Be sure to be paid

Buying with Delipay :

  • Pay with ease
  • Secure your money all along the deal
  • Be sure to receive what you have ordered

How it works ?


Sales agreement

Define the sales agreement which better fit you by choosing among our security, insurance and tracking options.

  • Custom contract
  • Know your counterpart (ID Check)
  • Payment tailoring

Process the deal

Pay safely and secure your money until the product is delivered. Send your package easily with our tailor made solutions.

  • Secure payment
  • Mail with ease
  • End to end package tracking

Receive and validate

Upon reception of your package, check what is inside with one of our trusted partners and validate the payment to close the deal.

  • Trusted third party
  • Package verification
  • Payment validation

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Thomas Barusseau


15+ years of experience in projects, management and product development strategy in the investment management industry and as a service provider.


Robin Charlier


Systems, security and networks graduated engineer. Contracting in Luxembourg as a full-stack developper, project manager, technical lead and architect.


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